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Fort Lauderdale Condos

This premier luxury destination is known the world over for its yacht-filled waterways, upscale lifestyle and amenities, and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles on end.

The place is situated in the southeastern coast of Florida, less than an hour’s drive from Miami.

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Among the many available housing options, some of the most prominent are luxury condos and lofts.

The benefits of condo/loft style homes are endless, especially in this city, where you can have a front row seat to some of the most breathtaking waterfront views around.

A well-chosen condo or loft also means more hours spent enjoying the best things in life: dining, shopping, and all-around fun in the beach.

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Condominium units come in two main types, each with 1 or more bedrooms.

As its name suggests, beach condos offer incredible oceanfront views, thanks to its proximity to the clear blue waters that envelop them. No wonder they’re an in-demand housing option.

Downtown condos, however, are ideal for those who work in or enjoy the city. Located near Las Olas Boulevard and places far from the beach, these condos can even offer a breathtaking view of New River and the shimmering city below.

Amenities in some of the more exclusive condos can rival those in luxury resorts and can take style and comfort to all-new heights. Building concierges are almost standard, as are 24/7 security, and valet service. Some offer separate entertainment and leisure hubs for the use of residents. Developers are also hiring “starchitects” to design their new buildings. They are also investing in art from top artists and making residents become shared owners of the artwork.

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Fort Lauderdale has respectable walkability, especially in the downtown and beachfront areas where the highest concentration of condo and loft units are found.

Another great thing about living in Fort Lauderdale is that you’ll never run out of things to explore and experience. Among them are:

  • 278 parkland campsites
  • 12 shopping malls
  • 4,000 restaurants
  • 63 golf courses
  • 132 nightclubs
  • 100 marinas

Great food, shopping options, and entertainment spots abound.

Several large companies are based in and around Fort Lauderdale, whose closeness to Miami is a major draw for big employers like Microsoft.

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